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BOARD OF EDUCATION _____________________ SCHOOL DISTRICT___________, CALIFORNIA 


Resolution in the Matter of Support of Assembly Bill 2774 (Weber, Holden) to create a new supplemental grant in the Local Control Funding Formula for the lowest performing subgroup not currently receiving funds, African American students.


WHEREAS, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) was enacted in 2013 and was designed to be a more equitable system of funding, with the goal of providing additional funding for the highest needs students. Base grants, concentration grants and supplemental grants were created to provide additional funding and accountability to school districts and charter schools to provide extra support for high needs students. 


WHEREAS, the subgroups of students currently receiving extra support include English Language Learners, low-income students, and foster/homeless youth.


WHEREAS, 2019 statewide testing data shows that African American students are the lowest performing subgroup with 67% not meeting English Language Arts Standards and 79% not meeting Math Standards..


WHEREAS, there are 350,000 African American students in California and approximately 80,000 African American students or 26% are not receiving additional supplemental funding or accountability through the LCFF.


WHEREAS, the academic performance of many African American students in California has been low for decades for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to inequitable access to quality K-12 programs including A-G courses, inexperienced teachers, low expectations, racial bias, trauma, lack of services and more,


WHEREAS, African American students have the highest suspension rate of any subgroup at 8.8%, they also have the lowest high school graduation rate at 76.8%. These students are not being given enough academic support and the equitable goals of LCFF are not being met.


WHEREAS, AB 2774 would create a new supplemental grant in the Local Control Funding Formula for the lowest performing subgroup of students not currently receiving funds, currently unfunded African American students.  This would ensure that every African American student within the state is generating additional supplemental funding to the public schools that serve them, thereby providing resources to increase their academic performance. 

WHEREAS, the lowest performing subgroup will continue to receive a supplemental grant until they have met or exceeded the academic performance of the highest performing subgroup,


WHEREAS, AB 2774, would additionally ensure that school districts and charter schools throughout the state are being held accountable to provide additional services and improve academic performance among African American students as they will have to describe how they will assist these high needs students in their annual Local Control Accountability Plan.


WHEREAS, AB 2774 if funded would generate approximately $400 million for school districts and charter public schools across the state to provide critically needed academic support for African American students,


WHEREAS, it is time for California to fix this fundamental flaw in the Local Control Funding formula and ensure that all students in need of additional support receive it.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the _______Unified School District, hereby supports AB 2774 (Weber, Holden). 


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Board of Education of the _______Unified School District, at a regular public meeting thereof duly called and held this ___ day of ______2022.

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